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Health Center of Sihu Township of Changhua county

Historical background

In 1945 , following the restoration of Taiwan , services of all kind were in great need of reform. Health and medical care w as directly linked to the public's health, and the government, in view of its promotion of public health and the need to advance the health of the population, created healt h stations in the 1940s. In August, 1949, it created the Taichung County , Hsihu Town ship Health Station . In October, 1950, after town and urban administrative areas were adjusted, the Hsihu Town ship Health Station was reorganized as the Changhua County Hsihu Town ship Health Station and came under the Changhua County Health Bureau . In July 1961 , the Health Station was put under the Hsihu Township government. Since July 1, 1974 , the Health Station has been under the Changhua County Health Bureau and has been responsible for public health and health care.

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